A prop weapon (such as a stage gun or a stage sword) appears real to the audience,  but lacks the harmfulness of the real weapon it resembles. In the theater, prop weapons are almost always either non-operable replicas, or have safety features to ensure they are not dangerous. Guns fire caps or noisy blanks, swords are dulled, and knives are often made of plastic or rubber. In film production, fully functional weapons are occasionally used, but typically only with special blanks instead of real bullets. The safety and proper handling of real weapons used as movie props is the premiere responsibility of the weaponsmaster.

Our services at Hardware of the Old West encompass both rentals and on-set weapon coordination. We have furnished weapons for advertising, photography, and scholastic drama department productions. Our weapons have supported the production of films, television series, plays, operas, commercials, still photography, gallery shows, and even video games.

We provide customers with everything from flint knives to the latest M-4 carbines.  We carry a large assortment of pistols, revolvers, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, edged weapons, knives, swords, spears, bows, blowguns, flintlocks, etc. And accordingly, we supply all weapon accessories: holsters, web gear, bombs, explosives, grenades, gas masks, shields, bullet proof vests, helmets and other SWAT type gear.  Most weapons are stocked at our warehouse and can be picked up or shipped to order anywhere in the United States.  Live firearms require a Federal Firearms License.


  • Blanks for WeaponsMULE DUST 1

  • Bullet hits (air gun special effect)

  • Squibs on and off person

  • Mortar Explosions

  • Gas Bag Explosions

  • Flash Explosions

  • Smoke