Sample Rental Contract

Note: All contracts are negotiated for each project.




The State of Texas; County of Tarrant

This lease is made between Toby Thomas, of Hardware of the Old West, herein referred to as lessor, and,

ABC Film Company

Great Movies Films

Home Office: 817-555-7453

Cell: 817-555-9032

Fax: 817-555-7327


full physical address 123 Main Street, Any town, TX, USA, Texas Driver’s License Number TX123456, herein referred to as lessee. 

Lessor hereby leases to lessee and lessee hereby hires the equipment presently known as:

1 Stinger missile launcher  $              500.00
5 AK’s the nasty insurgent type guns  $              450.00
2 Small ammo 308 cal. Metal ammo cans  $               10.00
3 Grenades OD green (new baseball type)  $               30.00
2 Claymore mines  $               60.00
1 link ammunition belt for M-60 machine gun  $               25.00
1 CAR-15 with holographic site and laser  $              100.00
1 Marine Cammy, newer fatigue  with Helmet  $              100.00
1 Military style metal automatic 9mm dummy gun  $              100.00
1 Shoulder holster  $               50.00

The Lessee shall at all times maintain $1,400.00 insurance. Lessee shall provide proof of this coverage to the lessor.

The equipment is leased for a term of  one week, to commence on 23 June 2007 and to continue until   1 July 2007.

The total term rental is the sum of $250.00  (Two Hundred Fifty&NO/100 dollars)  which is payable in advance. Lessee shall in addition pay such applicable sales/use taxes as may be levied from time to time by competent authority in addition to the base rental. 

Lessee shall pay rent, and any additional rental as provided below, to lessor at lessor's above stated address, or at such other place as lessor may designate in writing, without demand, and without counterclaim, deduction or setoff.

Lessee shall commit no act of waste and shall take good care of the equipment and the fixtures and appurtenances therein, and shall, in the use of the equipment, conform to all laws, orders and regulations of the federal, state, and municipal government of any of their departments. All improvements made by lessee to the equipment which are so attached to the equipment that they cannot be removed without material injury to the equipment, shall become the property of lessor upon installation. 

Not later than the last day of the term lessee shall, at lessee's expense repair all injury done by or in connection with the in installation or removal of the equipment; surrender the equipment in as good condition as they were at the beginning of the term, reasonable wear and damage or other cause not due to the misuse or neglect by lessee or lessee's agents, servants, visitors, servants or licensees, excepted.

Lessee shall not, without first obtaining the written consent of the lessor, make any alterations, additions or improvements in, to or about the equipment.

Lessee shall not, without obtaining the written consent of the lessor, assign, mortgage, pledge, or encumber this lease, in whole or in part, or sublet the equipment or any part of the equipment.

Lessor may inspect the equipment at any reasonable time, upon adequate notice to lessee (except that no notice need be given in case of an emergency) for the purpose of inspection or the making of such repairs, replacements, or additions in, to, on and about the equipment as lessor deems necessary or desirable.

This document represents the entire agreement of the parties and there are no representations not stated herein, and this agreement may only be modified by a writing executed by both parties hereto.


Dated: ____________________________