Resume of Toby Thomas


The Rough Riders actor Turner Television
Ride With The Devil actor Universal Studios
Two For Texas actor Turner Television
American Outlaws actor Morgan Creek Productions
True Friends propmaster Walt Ashley Productions
Blue Eyed Comanche propmaster / FX Big Wolf Productions
Bells of Innocence actor / props Norris Filmworks
Stationary Games props / FX Perkins Productions
12 Hot Women actor / weaponmaster / FX Alan Chan
Zombie Campout actor / weaponmaster / pyro Joshua Smith
Fled weapons / pyro FX Friskefish Productions
Breaking In weaponmaster James Russell
Midlife Crisis weapons Lynne Moon
Legend of Jeremiah Cane weapon FX CHAPS Productions
Blood on the Brazos Producer / FX Sindinero Productions Inc.
MOJO second camera operator Q-Ball Productions
Lycanthrope weapons / FX Q-Ball Productions
I, Jessica props / FX 317 Films
The Matchstick Game props / FX 317 Productions
Monster props Fear Film Productions
I.C.E. actor / weapons Q-Ball Productions
A Certain Darkness weapons Tony Estrada
A Killer Within actor / props Fireside Films, LLC.
Lady-X, #27 Star of Tamerlane weapons Ad Impact Agency
Beautiful Flowers weaponmaster / pyro FX Bryant Entertainment
Distant Planet weapons Q-Ball Productions
Alone weapons, props, FX makeup Out Of The Blue Media
Birthdays props Auntstuie Productions
Sisters of Kappa Beta Die actor, weapons / pyro FX Magby/Cook Productions
John Deere Commercial weapons / props John Deere Corporation
Red Ridge weaponmaster / pyro FX Louis Herthum
Private First Class weaponmaster / pyro FX Bryant Entertainment
Final Fight weapons / FX Glenn Bradley
Postcards from the Future props Alan Chan
Ice-44 weaponmaster FilmCor Productions
Untitled Production weapons Valentino Films
Pyramid of Pain weapons Andrew Weston Lee
Clear Midnight weapons Chad Gundersen
Untitled Military Film weapons Project Black Studios
Untitled Western weapons Craig Debell
Frank’s Last Shot weapons Disney Development LLC 
Untitled weapons NetFilmz
Untitled weapons OXHERD Productions Inc
Cinema-Photography weapons Andrew Levengood
Untitled weapons Jeremy Slade Haak
Monkeylabs weapons Fishbowl Entertainment


Beyond the Prairie prop rental CBS Television
35th Anniversary of the JFK Assignation weapons Nippon Television Company
The Filming of Saving Private Jessica weapons Nippon Television Company
Impact: Stories of Survival weapons / FX Kelly Productions
City of Justice weapons Scott Murray
Inspector Mom weapons Inspector Mom LLC


Global Technologies Commercial weaponmaster Ken Mandel Productions
Chuckie Cheese actor, weaponmaster Commercial Music
Expeditionary Forces Fire Support System script writer Creative Imagineering
TUGV and the MULE weapons / pyro FX Lockheed Martin Corporation
PackBot EOD weapons / props iRobot Corporation
Target Corporation Commercial props Bob Bouwman
2005 Corporate video weapons / pyro FX Lockheed Martin Corporation
2006 Corporate video actor / weapons / pyro FX Lockheed Martin Corporation


  • Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, Master of Science, 1979
    BS in Applied Physics MS Applied Physics MS Computer Science


    Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Design For Six Sigma Subject Matter Expert SAP, PDM and CSM system user Programmer Visual Basic, Visual C, FORTRAN and Assembly Language Digital Imaging, data collection and processing (motion and stills) Camera systems, Visual, Near IR, & FLIR, operator, specification and test Laser rangefinding equipment, operator and data collection Audio, data collection and processing System Survivability, methods and countermeasures Military RF communication systems (VHF and UHF) Thermal Batteries, specification and test AC and DC Power Systems, specification and test Global Positioning Systems, specification and test Pyrotechnic Devices, specification and test Fiberglass and related type polymer layered construction, specification and test Paint, (color, brightness, reflectivity, thermal properties), specification and test Anti-fragmentation and munition armor, specification and test Metal and polymer casting and mold making, specification and test Controlled concoidial fracturing of silicon based substances, specification & test Laser handling and Safety certification Hazardous Material Handling Certification Electro-Static Sensitive Device Handling and Control Certification High Energy Electrical System Tag Out & Lock Out Safety Certification Military Vehicle Operators Permit, including off-road and NVG training Explosives and Ordnance certification, including Class III weapons Field First Aid, Instructor’s Certification Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Instructor’s Certification SCUBA, Instructor’s Certification, Scuba Schools International Secondary and Higher Education Teacher’s Certification, State of Texas Spanish, conversational and reading skills training Law Enforcement Officer Certification, State of Texas Federal Firearms License, U.S. Treasury Dept Federal Explosives License, U.S. Treasury Dept Pyrotechnics Special Effects License, State of Texas Concealed Handgun Permit, all types, State of Texas

Employment Details

  • Work History : Commercial, Film, Industrial
  • Job Categories: Stunts, Producing, Writing, Acting, Production, Special Effects
  • Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes
  • Prior Job Title(s): Senior Engineering Specialist, Engineering Specialist, Engineer