Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     How does the rental process work?

A:    Determine what props you need for your project. Give us a call to discuss and/or e-mail us your list.   We will review your list and see what items we have. We will contact you one way or another, to let you know if we do or do not have any of the items (or appropriate alternates) on your list. If we have any of the items on your list, we will be happy to make an appointment for you to come by and pick up the items.

Q: Can rental items be shipped?  Can we return them by shipping?

A: Yes.  You must pay shipping both directions and the time in transit is part of the rental time because the items are not in our shop during that time for rental to other people. 

Q: What type of payments do you take?

A: Cash is always best, but a credit card can be accepted through PayPal. We occasionally do take checks from reputable production companies, on a case by case basis.

Q: When do I pay for the rental?

A: When you pick it up from the shop.

Q: Do I need a Certificate of Insurance for rentals?

A: On most items, yes.

Q: What if I didn't use the item, do I still have to pay for it?

A: If it leaves the shop you must pay for it.

Q: How long can I rent an Item?

A: Minimum rental is one week, but longer term rentals can be negotiated.  Daily rentals are not available. 

Q: I'm working on a low budget independent feature, will you rent me stuff for free?

A: No, as much as I like independents; free rental doesn't pay my insurance or bills. 

Q: The item was damaged somehow, but we didn't do it. Do we have to pay for it?

A: Yes.  Any items taken from the shop and returned damaged, re-painted or otherwise not in the same condition as when the items was rented, a "restoration" fee maybe exercised when the item is returned.  (If any rental item is not returned, full legal recourse will be expended for any and all remedies available and production company shall be liable for full "replacement costs" and lost revenues applicable, of the rental item.)

Q: We want to rent the live-firearms, do we need a license?

A: Yes.  You must have a federally licensed firearms weaponmaster on-set, or we can provide one.  Typical day-rate in Texas for a weaponmaster is $750.00/8-hour day.