About Us

TOBY HEADSHOTToby Thomas grew up on a ranch in Kellogg, Texas. After graduating from High School he joined the U.S. Navy and upon being discharged became a Police Officer. He began attending college and graduated with dual Masters in Applied Physics and Computer Science, after which he was recruited by the Military Aerospace Industry into a role as a field civilian advisor for the U.S. Military's Special Operations Units. Toby spent ten years with "Black Operations" groups before retiring from field service and becoming employed by Lockheed Missiles and Fire Control systems. Toby runs his own company to support the film industry with prop weapons, blanks, squibs and movie blood. "Hardware of the Old West" is located north of DFW Airport, Texas and Toby can be reached at SAA45Colt@aol.com OR 817-907-1410.